Latin Mass and Catholic Schooling

Great article in the Catholic Herald recently where Catherine Lafferty interveiws Therese Coffey.
Quoting the article…
“Her preference is for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.’I find it more prayerfull’, adding; ‘Gregorian Chant, I used to sing that.I find it beautiful'”.
She goes on to say…
“Pius X apparently said that if he had a choice between a seminary, a church and a school, he’d always pick a school.”

On the issue of Catholic Schooling Lord Alton has blogged up a fantastic article called ‘Catholic Culture – an impossible dream? The role of education in shaping our attitudes and our ethics: is the dream worth fighting for?’

From the article…

“It was a Benedictine monk who offered the wry observation that, in the end, the real purpose of Catholic education is about teaching a person how to face death.Beyond the SATs and Contextual Added Value scores lies a more profound reason for wanting a Catholic education for your children – it is the desire to know God, to know the man made in His image, to know how to live and how to die. There would be no point in keeping the word Catholic in the names of our schools if they cease to educate for our relationships with one another, with God and for the never ending struggle between vice and virtue.”

Find the article here…

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