Refuting Sedevacantist claims against Pope Benedict

A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger
John L Allen Jr
Page 121

When Ratzinger’s ‘Introduction to Christianity’ first came out in 1968, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski banned it in the Warsaw archdiocese but Wojtyla permitted it in Krakow. Both men had been at Vatican II.

I was recently reading some critiques of the Holy Father by ‘Sedevactantists’. Their claim of the Holy Fathers ‘supposed’ heresy in rejection of the resurrection of the body has its reference in the book ‘Introduction to Christianity’ written by Cardinal Ratzinger in 2004.The exact passage they highlight is on page 349: “It now becomes clear that the real heart of faith in the resurrection does not consist at all in the idea of the restoration of bodies, to which we have reduced it in our thinking; such is the case even though this is the pictorial image used throughout the Bible.”
…page 353: “The foregoing reflections may have clarified to some extent what is involved in the biblical pronouncements about the resurrection: their essential content is not the conception of a restoration of bodies to souls after a long interval…”
and pages 357-358: “To recapitulate, Paul teaches, not the resurrection of physical bodies, but the resurrection of persons…”

On reading this I immediately thought of a passage from ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ releaesd in 2011 that made a huge impression on me when I read it initially and even more so now having contemplated it further. On pages 246-247 the Holy Father issues a fantastic lesson of apologetics in the face of critical analysis of his earlier works.
For me it puts the resurection of the body into a reasonably possible scenario backdropped by a modern scientifc evolutionary framework and when we then approach the issue through this reason and faith we have a complete explanation of one of the essential deposits of our Catholic Faith.
I have found this a very usefull and practicle evangelisation tool to have in my arsonal of weaponary when confronted on the issue and have put it to good use in the past….
“Naturally there can be no contradiction of clear scientific data.The resurrection accounts certainly speak of something outside our world of experience.They speak of something new, something unprecedented – a new dimension of reality that is revealed. What already exists is not called into question.Rather we are told that there is a further dimension, beyond what was previously known.Does that contradict science? Can there really only ever be what there has always been? Can there not be something unexpected, something unimaginable, something new? If there is a God, is he not able to create a new dimension of reality altogether? Is not creation actually waiting for this last and highest ‘evolutionary leap’, for the union of the finite with the infinite, for the union of man and God, for the conquest of death?

One Response to “Refuting Sedevacantist claims against Pope Benedict”

  1. stefangillies Says:

    The Holy Fathers commentary from the CTS Sunday missal on Corpus Christi just gone…
    “Creation, wiv all of its gifts, aspires above and beyond itself to something even greater. Over and above the synthesis of its own forces, above and beyond the synthesis also of nature and spirit, that in some way, we detect in the peice of bread, creation is projected towards divinization.”

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