Historical identity ~ Pius X/MacIntyre


For since there is not and there cannot be in the world any charity worthy of the name except through Christ, to Him alone must be attributed all the fruits of it, even in men of lax faith or hostile to religion, who are indebted for whatever vestiges of charity they may possess to the civilization introduced by Christ, which they have not yet succeeded in throwing off entirely and expelling from human society.

Alasdair MacIntyre on ‘Historical Identity and Individualism

“And the self so detached is of course a self very much at home in either Satre’s or Goffman’s perspective , a self that can have no history. The contrast with the narrative veiw of the self is clear. For the story of my life is always embedded in the story of those communities from which I derive my Identity. I am born with a past; and to try to cut myself off from that past, in the individualist mode, is to deform my present relationships. The possession of an historical identity and the possession of a social identity coincide. Notice that rebellion against my identity is always  one possible mode of expressing it.”

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