Bishop Schneider – Syllabus of Errors on Vatican II


Dominus est

Bishop Schneider is well known for his defense of the traditional form of receiving Holy Communion (kneeling, on the tongue) in Catholic liturgy. This is the theme of his book Dominus est, published in Italian, and since translated into English, German, Estonian, Lithuanian and Polish. The book itself contains a foreword written by Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, then the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the current Archbishop of Colombo and Metropolitan head of the church in Sri Lanka.

Bishop Schneider encourages Catholics who truly believe they are receiving Christ in the Blessed Sacrament should kneel and receive Communion on their tongues: “The awareness of the greatness of the eucharistic mystery is demonstrated in a special way by the manner in which the body of the Lord is distributed and received”.
English liturgical scholar and commentator Alcuin Reid wrote a noteworthy review of Dominus est in The Catholic Herald: “Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a patristic scholar, appointed a bishop by Pope Benedict in 2006, has raised his voice in prophetic call for the western Church to recall the importance, if not the necessity, of returning to the previous discipline of the reception of Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue.”
Currently in the Catholic Church some of the faithful have adopted the practice of standing and receiving communion on the hand. Since 2008 Pope Benedict XVI has started to give Holy Communion in the traditional manner in all Papal Masses.

Call for a papal document on Vatican II

At a theological conference in Rome in December 2010, Bishop Schneider proposed the need for “a new Syllabus” (recalling the 1864 Syllabus of Errors), in which papal teaching authority would correct erroneous interpretations of the documents of the Second Vatican Council.


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