Anselm – Bread of Angels/sorrows

Proslogion Chapter 1 – A rousing of the mind to the contemplation of God

Once human beings ate the bread of Angels (Psalm 78:25), for which they now hunger; now they “eat the bread of sorrows” (Psalm 127:2)…
…I was heading for God but stumbled over myself. I sought rest in my solitude but “found trials and sorrows” (Psalm 116:3) deep within…
…For I do not seek to understand in order to believe; I believe in order to understand. For I also believe that “Unless I believe, I shall not understand”

(Side note – Isaiah 7:9 “Unless you believe, you will not understand”. Anselm is here indebted to Augustine , who frequently appealed to this verse in explaining his views on the relationship between faith and reason…Thomas Williams)

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