Brazilian Squatters

Brazil: CAFOD campaign saves 2,000 people from eviction
Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

“A CAFOD campaign to suspend the planned eviction of more than 2,000 people, including 250 children, pregnant women, older and disabled people, has ended in victory. After an urgent call to action in support of the Sao Paulo community, more than 3,000 CAFOD supporters signed a petition in just one week demanding the Brazilian authorities overturn the eviction order and ensure the families have somewhere secure to live in the future.”

Update on campaign from CAFOD…

“Over 3,600 signatures were collected during July in support of the Mauá residents, and the initial eviction order was suspended.
But in a new and unexpected legal decision, the judge has now upheld the eviction sentence and 21 August has been set as the eviction date.”

Update 25 Aug 2012 via CAFOD Email circular…

Hello everyone,
I’m Osmar, from CAFOD’s partner APOIO in São Paulo. The eviction that was set for Mauá this week has been stopped. We can now breathe!

In the last few weeks, residents of 340 Mauá Road held emergency assemblies and organised meetings with the Public Defender and the residents’ lawyer. The lawyer placed an injunction order to stop the eviction on the basis of the harm it would do to the families.
We have now heard that the judge has accepted the appeal and suspended the eviction. The eviction warrant scheduled for 21 August has been lifted.
The case is now with the Public Prosecutor’s Office who is considering the injunction and all the legal appeals made by the families. At the moment we don’t know when the Tribunal will rule on these appeals.
We don’t have a final decision yet, but your support has been very important in achieving this step forward. The Mauá families are not on the streets today and we want to celebrate this victory with you.
We hope that soon we will be able to celebrate the final victory with you.
Long live Mauá, long live APOIO, long live CAFOD supporters! A big hug to our friends in CAFOD.

Osmar, on behalf of APOIO

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