Anselm on rationality


Chapter 64
For if our earlier reflection rationally comprehends that it is incomprehensible how that supreme wisdom knows the things he made, about which we ourselves must know so many things, who will explain how he knows or utters himself, about whom nothing, or scarcely anything, can be known by a human being? Therefore, if in uttering himself the Father generates and the son is generated, “Who will tell of his generation?” (Isaiah 53:8)

Chapter 66

And so it is evident that just as the rational mind is the only thing among all creatures that can rise up to seek him, it is no less true that the rational mind is the only thing through which the mind itself can best make progress in finding him. For we have already realized that it comes especially close to him through the likeness of its natural essence. So what is more obvious than this: that the more diligently the rational mind tries to come to know itself , the more efficaciously it rises up to know him; and the more it neglects to look uopn itself, the more it falls away from seeing him?

Chapter 67
The mind can therefore most fittingly be said to be like a mirror for itself, in which it might see the image of him whom it cannot face…
1 Corinthians 13:12 – “For now we see in a mirror, in a riddle, but then face to face.”


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