Human Origins and Intelligent Design

Human Origins and Intelligent Design
by Casey Luskin

Abstract- Intelligent agents can rapidly infuse large amounts of genetic information into the biosphere, reflected in the fossil record as the abrupt appearance of novel fossil forms without similar precursors. These designed “basic types” may undergo limited genetic change, diversifying into similar species belonging to the same basic type clade. Paleoanthropological studies reveal that early hominids appear suddenly, without clear direct fossil ancestors, and distinct from previous hominoids. Within hominids, evolutionary theory proposes that the genus Homo is descended from the genus Australopithecus, and have cited Homo habilis as a possible link with transitional morphology. Recent studies indicate habilis should not be classified within Homo but rather under Australopithecus, and that both its morphology and temporal span preclude habilis from consideration as a link between the two genera. Subsequent evolutionist studies highlight significant morphological differences between Homo and Australopithecus requiring very rapid and significant genetic changes. The abrupt appearance of Homo as a novel and distinct form, significantly different from earlier fossil forms and without links to previous fossil forms, implicates intelligent design as a cause involved in the origin of Homo. Homo is proposed as a basic type, with current members of Australopithecus plus what is currently labeled Homo habilis suggested as another extinct basic type. The species remaining within Homo have similar morphologies that can generally be explained as microevolution within a basic type.

PDF prints out at 16 pages with 3 pages of references…

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