Occupy Heaven

Fatima Network.
Our Lady’s Electronic Newsletter: June 2012

The Occupy Wall Street movement is likely to soon fade away. Some violence may accompany its demise. It may spur some superficial reform or rhetorical sympathy; it seems doubtful of accomplishing substantial systemic change. But there is an undeniable zeitgeist that took shape in this coagulation of discontent and that will continue to find embodiment in various forms.
There are injustices inherent in our economy. There are unscrupulous profiteers and corrupt officials. And there is always the need for reform and regulation. But structural change can only inhibit opportunities for greed, not eradicate its cause. And greed, like all the sins and virtues, is a property of every human soul.
How wonderful it would be to see a tent city erected in the stony heart of our counting-house culture where people would examine their consciences to discover how we all had failed in fraternal charity. How wonderful to see communities take shape where people banded together to work and share their wealth so that they might prosper spiritually.
It happened once. There are still remnants of these communities. In the disappearing monasteries and convents of Christendom there once was a protest movement against greed — and all the other vices. One might call it Occupy Heaven. It worked, so long as it was tried. Perhaps, when we exhaust all the false alternatives, we will be ready to try it again.


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