Communist to Catholic – letters to Morning Star

Where will the burqa ban end?
Monday 26 July 2010

I couldn’t agree more with Tony Shelley’s letter (M Star July 20).
Does the Spanish Socialist government, which favours including a ban on people wearing burqas in government buildings in an upcoming Bill on religious issues, to be debated after parliament’s summer break, stretch the legislation as far to include the mantilla too?

Stefan Gillies Witham

A step too far in Star’s abortion coverage
Thursday 29 April 2010

As always, I would like to congratulate the Morning Star on its excellent coverage of a wide range of subjects. However, it is one thing to report on abortion issues, completely another to openly support the funding of the practice.
Your article titled Charity appeals for abortion donations (M Star April 21) I found particularly out of taste due to the young age of the girl concerned and the economic factors determining whether a young life gets to exist or not.
Let us hope later in life, when she has matured and can fully comprehend the implications of her actions, she will appreciate the “support” of such donations.

Stefan Gillies Witham

Picking our words more carefully to help not hinder
Wednesday 30 June 2010

With regard to Will Stone’s report Foetus findings back abortion (M Star June 26-7), I must protest over the use of language which purposely dehumanises the unborn child and makes the pro-abortion argument sit easier in people’s minds.
The use of terms like foetus and embryo are cold, impersonal and unsympathetic. If we are to use scientific terminology when reporting around this issue then perhaps we should be using the term “neonate” for a newborn baby as well.
The word “baby” is intimate, warm and sympathetic. We care about babies. We don’t care about embryos. No mother ever talks about the “embryo” she’s carrying, or how she can feel her “foetus” kicking.
Positive or negative words can be used to describe the exact same reality and make us feel entirely differently towards that reality.

Stefan Gillies Witham

English could do with taking leaf from saints’ book
Thursday 06 May 2010

In response to Terry White’s letter (M Star May 3) I feel St George’s martyrdom against imperialism is extremely fitting as a backdrop for national pride and unity.
In recognition of Jesus Christ’s teachings he was tempted with the bribery of wealth to adhere to the Roman empire and thus refusing was tortured and slain. In 494, George was canonised as a saint by Pope Gelasius I.
It is sad that the St George flag been laid over the flags of St Andrew and St Patrick to form the “butcher’s apron” which thus became the flag of Great Britain and Ireland and, as a result of the 1921 treaty, the cause of all the evil in the occupied six counties of Ulster.
Sadly the concept of saints was lost to the English post Reformation. It’s a concept they would do well to remember in once again finding their own identity.

Stefan Gillies Witham


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