The Department for International Development’s pro-abortion approach to maternal mortality
Why are maternal health and sexual and reproductive health such priorities for DfID? DfID is working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). There are eight MDGs, each focusing on a different area of aid for developing countries. The deadline to achieve these goals is 2015. MDG 5 is expressed as follows: ‘By the same date [2015], to have reduced maternal mortality by three quarters, and under-five child mortality by two thirds, of their current rates.’ However, MDG 5 has been hijacked by pro-contraception and pro-abortion advocates, by introducing a target and monitoring within MDG 5 referring to universal access to ‘reproductive health’. The International conference on Population and Development 1994, and the Beijing Women’s Platform 1995 are commonly cited by anti-life advocates. However, the documents from these meetings are absolutely non-binding and have never been internationally agreed upon. In fact, many countries have expressed strong reservations and objections to large parts of the documents. In this area, DfID has chosen to work with world leaders in abortion and contraception advocacy and provision. – (SPUC briefing package)
CAFOD’s Support for MDG’s
The agreement to halve world poverty by 2015, encapsulated in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) demonstrated strong consensus that the international community has a shared responsibility to end global poverty and meeting the MDGs must remain a priority up to this point. CAFOD’s report ‘100 Voices’1 demonstrates that a successor global development framework is important to people and organisations working with poor communities across the world, and that it should build on the gains of the MDGs. (Building from the Ground Up – How the foundations of a post-2015 framework should translate into change for people in poverty)

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Stefan Gillies

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