My Conversion

A few people have inquired about reading my conversion story so here is an attempt at a summery that isn’t too long winded. First a little background, at 17 I started attending Socialist Worker Party meetings at Ilford library. This was the beginning of my relationship with Communism that would span most of my adult life culminating in my membership of the Marxist/leninist Communist Party of Britain. I suppose like most  ‘materialists’ I put off thinking any deeper about the big issues of life and just accepted the vague Darwinist approach to explanations of life’s origins and purpose but a catalyst of events including my Uncle dying and my first child being born lead me to think a little deeper about these things. On discovering the much hidden fact that the Big Bang Theory was in fact put forward by a Roman Catholic Priest working alongside Einstein coupled with the reality that Soviet Russia had banned the Big Bang Theory for reasons of a theological beginning gave rhythm to an already strained reasoning within Socialist explanations. My time in Ireland made me see things with fresh eyes, I had never been out of Protestant Britain and like most under the yoke of the Union flag didn’t question abortion much, being in a Catholic country changed that for me. My conversion was a slow burning fuse for a long while until a tipping point was reached with many factors on many levels working in unison until I made my decision whilst still a member of my Communist Branch whom I had fell out with almost entirely over Irish policy surrounding the Good Friday Agreement. Just before I announced my resignation to the Party along came an ex Catholic Priest to join my branch which obviously created quite a stir, one out to the Church and one in from the Church. We had some quite lengthy debates for some time grappling with each other intellectually. At some point in all this when I lost my Uncle and heard my Dad cry for the first time I finally bowed to Christ and opened my heart to him and this is when I had my experience of what I can only  explain as the Holy Spirit descending and filling every cell in my body. I will never forget that moment as long as I live and do feel that presence every time I look back and properly realize the reality of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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