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You have come to know that they are all feeble, all colaborators and criminals in the universal slaughtering of souls; and that they are responsable for it. Accountable. Responsable to souls who send themselves to damnation – it was you who let them be damned by doing nothing, so you yourselves damn yourselves for letting God’s souls send themselves to damnation.
Since you have come to know that, you have become two-faced, two -faced towards your father, two-faced towards your mother, towards your brothers, towards your big sisters, towards your friends, because you make out that you love them and you can’t love them. And so everything in your life rings as though it had a crack running through it, a crack through your love as a daughter, a crack through your love as a sister, a crack through your love-affairs; a crack through your friendships; a crack through your own feelings: your whole life is two-faced and rings with a crack running through it.

Charles Peguy
The mystery of the Charity of Joan of Arc – translation Jeffrey Wainwright 1984


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